Wood as a building material.

Wood feels good, grows continuously in the forest and has excellent structural properties.

As an architect, you always have the desire to build sustainably and to be able to use natural raw materials. Wood is a renewable building material that can be used in many ways. It is very stable and comparatively light, and it is also robust and has a good effect on the indoor climate.

Wood is ingenious. Skyscrapers, underground stations and football stadiums have recently been built from wood. Wood as a building material is “in”. In Austria, timber construction already accounts for almost a quarter of the total construction volume – and the trend is rising, and for good reasons. 


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We build with wood. Why?


Wood protects the climate. Every cubic metre of wood used binds one tonne of CO2 in the long term. Every tree felled creates space for new trees, which in turn actively remove CO2 from the air. Every house made of wood helps to avoid CO2 emissions from the production of other CO2-intensive building materials such as concrete or steel. 

Wood grows back. While other raw materials needed for building are becoming increasingly scarce, wood is constantly growing back. In Austria’s forests, one cubic metre of wood is produced every second. The principle of sustainability, which has been practised for 300 years, ensures that there is always enough wood. One third of the annual wood growth in Austria would already be sufficient to build the entire volume of building construction for one year in wood. 

Wood brings diversity in design. Computer-aided calculation and production methods enable completely new forms of design. From wide-span supporting structures to high-rise buildings, everything is possible. More and more renowned architects such as Shigeru Ban or Norman Foster are exploiting the potential of timber construction. Probably the oldest building material in the history of mankind, timber is currently becoming the epitome of modern architecture and construction.

Wood is particularly suitable for prefabrication. Building with wood takes place less on the construction site and more in the production hall. Walls, ceilings or even entire rooms made of wood are prefabricated precisely and independently of the weather in the factory. The finished building parts are transported to the construction site and assembled. Construction takes place with little noise and disturbance. The buildings are erected in a very short time. There are no drying times as with reinforced concrete.

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Production and assembly of timber construction elements. Digital planning. Fire protection. Building physics.

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