Plan B[L]au.

FOR HOLISTIC PLANNING OUR SCOPE OF SERVICES INCLUDES the service phases 1 to 9. Because a good design also includes successful implementation.

Because the individual signature of a property is not only reflected in its external appearance – the interior is also of vital importance. Carefully coordinated shapes and colours as well as an innovative use of materials will make your project stand out from the rest. We develop uniform overall concepts based on your requirements and together with our expertise.

Wood feels good, constantly grows back in the forest and has excellent structural properties. There is a lot to be said for wood as a building material.

Isuf Hoxha

The Project.

We offer you a holistic view in every project. Land, idea and financing –
the project.

To attend a construction project means to have everything in view from the very beginning and to make the transition from planning to implementation smoothly. In order to balance the different disciplines, no mistakes must be made during the transfer. Quality is created by linking the processes. With us, construction management is part of the project team all the time. In this way, we ensure consistently high standards throughout the entire planning and construction phase, from draft to realisation.

Also of importance on the way from the draft to the successful realisation of a building project is the implementation planning. This is where construction management comes into play again – it is there. In each phase of draft, approval and implementation planning, construction management looks over its shoulder a little more or a little less and is thus the key in the process that leads to successful and great results. 


Barbara Dietrich


Our Customer

Our team is based in Bremen, Vienna and Cluj. Our customers are located in the north and all over Germany and even Europe. Thanks to our many years of experience in school and residential construction, we know that every building is different. Individual coordination with the client is therefore in the foreground for us and forms the basis for our planning competence.

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