There’s something to celebrate!

20 years of pbi architects. We want to celebrate that this year. On 01.06.24 the office will be 20 years old. Residential buildings, kindergartens, schools as well as office and administration buildings have been planned and built over the years. Stations in the BITZ Bremen, our own top floor, Schwachhauser Heerstraße, Stephanikirchof, Am Tabakquartier are behind us. Now we feel at home at the Haferwende. The preparations for the birthday party can begin.

Created on 10. January 2024.

New residential building B42

A hybrid residential building is to be built in Bremen. From the outside, the property presents itself with two closed structures. The ground floor, made of exposed concrete, contains the living spaces. Inside, it opens up with a wide glass front to its large terrace with pool. The cut-out on the inside of the building offers protection from the sun and rain. The upper floor houses the bedrooms and is made entirely of wood.

Created on 10. January 2024.

Happy New Year 2024!

The entire pbi team wishes all our clients, colleagues, friends and supporters a good start to the new year. In 2024, we want to create new living space in Bremen, Hanau, Neupetershain, Worpswede and Baoji City (China). We look forward to the tasks and challenges ahead.

Created on 3. January 2024.

x-mas 2023!

We would like to thank you for the great work, exciting projects and challenges. We wish all our clients and colleagues a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024!
Our office will be closed until 08 January 2024.

Created on 23. December 2023.

Eco-settlement in Neupetershain

Together with Immacon Projektentwicklung, we are realising a dream of a lively and sustainable eco-settlement in Neupetershain near Cottbus. Properties are being built there that will be home to families, couples, singles and senior citizens who are looking for an idyllic place to retreat and relax, but who also appreciate a quick connection to life in the big city.

Created on 8. November 2023.

Reconstruction of a residential building

For a private client, we gave new life to a venerable “HUF” house built in the seventies. The attic conversion fits seamlessly into the appealing architecture of the house. A granny apartment in the outbuilding enhances the building complex. 

Created on 3. August 2023.

Fire station competition in Bremerhaven

Together with Gaus Architekten from Göppingen, we took part in a competition for the construction of a new fire station in Bremerhaven. A field of 9 applicants submitted ambitious designs. Even though our idea did not win in the end, the jury rated it as very successful.

Created on 18. July 2023.

17th Football Tournament of Architects and Engineers

Last weekend it was time again. 20 teams from different offices and administrations met on the sports field of the ATSV Buntentor. Great weather, a good atmosphere and exciting games made for an almost perfect day. Next year we will be there again. 

Created on 21. June 2023.

We are moving!

Our move to a new office is planned for the coming week. The whole team is looking forward to the new rooms in the industrial area Horn-Lehe-West. The new office offers more air to breathe and enough space for creativity. Our new address from 02 May 2023 will be Haferwende 36A. 

Created on 27. April 2023.

Living in Neupetershain

Developing more together. We are very pleased about the trust placed in us and the great challenge of being able to work on the development of this project. In Neupertershain near Cottbus, a residential quarter in timber frame construction is to be built in cooperation with Immacon Vienna. Our office supports the architectural planning of the 48 apartments in 9 individual buildings.

Created on 18. April 2023.

Living in old age at Krottenbacher Hof

For a project in Nuremberg, we developed a new concept for living in old age. 26 residents find space in a building that meets today’s requirements for pleasant and diverse living in old age. Based on a design for residential construction, we adapted the building to the requirements of senior living.

Created on 4. February 2023.

Happy new Year!

We are back. We wish you a happy new year. Hanau and Bremen are the locations where we will be constructing new buildings in 2023. We are realizing a total of 500 apartments at these locations. Above all, a hybrid construction method is the focus here.

Created on 3. January 2023.

Merry Christmas!

Another year is coming to an end, a year full of ideas, planning, challenges and exciting tasks. We wish ourselves and all, a contemplative time to draw strength, recharge and simply enjoy.we start on 09 January 2023 in the new year.

Created on 22. December 2022.

5 Brothers Eastin Hanau

350 residential units in planning. For a project in Hanau, not far from the metropolis of Frankfurt am Main, we are soon expecting planning permission for 8 new buildings and the construction and refurbishment of an ensemble of the former Pioneer barracks “5 Brüder Ost”. With the sustainable construction method in wood and the fulfilment of various other criteria, we are striving for certification by the DGNB.

Created on 20. November 2022.

Member of the DGNB

We are now a member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) – out of conviction and because we want to be involved in the DGNB network. In this context, the topic of certification is also an important concern for us. Our current project in Hanau is to be awarded Gold status. 

Created on 20. July 2022.

News from Krottenbacher Hof

After we presented the new building within the scope of the redensification a few weeks ago, today we can present the result of the extension of the listed farmhouse. The extension, based on the architecture of the new building, blends unobtrusively into the structure of the old farmhouse. In this way, we have created a connection between old and new and preserved the character of the farmhouse.

Created on 21. May 2022.

Start of construction in Reutte

The snow and frost have disappeared and the earthworks are almost complete. The shell builder is waiting in the wings to start building the underground garage. After that, things can move quickly, as the wooden structures, ready for loading, are just waiting to be put in place. If this is done in May/June, the interior construction will last until November.

Created on 21. May 2022.

New town center Oyten

In close cooperation with art-bau Novus GmbH, we are planning six buildings with a total of 64 apartments. From the underground parking to the extensive roof greening, the houses meet all requirements in terms of design and functionality at a high standard. The directly adjacent Lidl market and a modern commercial building ensure local supply and connection to a good infrastructure.

Created on 21. May 2022.

Redevelopment and redensification in timber construction

Living at Krottenbacher Hof – pbi Architekten, in cooperation with Immacon Projektentwicklung from Vienna, is planning the renovation and extension of a listed half-timbered house in the green district of Nuremberg-Krottenbach. Together with the new building in timber frame construction, an ensemble with a total of 7 apartments in the existing building and 13 in the new building is to be created.

Created on 21. May 2022.

Extension of a hotel

In Bremen Gröpelingen, we created a concept for the extension of the building. Six new, furnished rooms upgrade the aged building and offer an optimal amount of space. The building application is in preparation. The building is to be constructed in timber frame.

Created on 9. February 2022.

Planning application submitted.

A building application in 10 copies! We have never had this scenario in our office before. We submitted 430 plans – unfortunately still analogue and in paper form – together with artbau Novus. Luckily, this is soon to change with the Online Access Act. Nevertheless, we are proud to have submitted such a large project on time. 

Created on 21. January 2022.

Merry Christmas!

The year 2021 has once again required a lot of us – changes and challenges have dominated the year. The holidays and the turn of the year are the time to pause, to look back and the moment to look forward with confidence. We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year, health, happiness and success for 2022. We look forward to being back for you on 03.01.2022.

Created on 22. December 2021.

347 flats for Hanau

Together with artbau Novus GmbH, we prepared the building application for 347 flats. 235 of these are in listed former barracks buildings – the “5 Brothers East” in Hanau. 8 new buildings complete the quarter. The aim is to create a sustainable, climate-friendly residential quarter in accordance with the KfW 40+ standard. The building application is ready and will be submitted at the beginning of January. 

Created on 17. December 2021.

Photo shoot in the tobacco quarter

For the new advertising presence of pbi Architects, we had another very fun shoot with our photographer Rainer Geue. The new team presents itself at the entrance of the old tobacco warehouse with familiar and new faces. As of today, Aldewin Sareika joins the pbi family. He has already worked with us from 2016 to 2020. Welcome back. 

Created on 15. November 2021.

Groundbreaking on the Zugspitze

The starting signal for our project in the market town of Reutte has been given. Together with the earthworks and shell construction companies, we held an obligatory groundbreaking ceremony. 10 flats in 2 houses and an underground garage for 20 vehicles will be built by November 2022 in the idyllic location, close to the Zugspitze.

Created on 11. November 2021.

Art on our walls

We have moved! We’ve been in the Tabakquartier for just over a week now. The new office is great and it has a lot to offer. The company Lucky Walls from Bremen has designed our entrance area. The result is sensational. A homage to built and planned projects of the pbi architects. 

Created on 12. July 2021.

New construction of a semi-detached house in Oberneuland

A semi-detached house in wood. Address: Im Holze Oberneuland. Together with ArtBau Novus GmbH, we are pleased to realise this project in Bremen’s showcase district. Quietly situated with a view of a pond, this house is particularly impressive in its construction. The two residential buildings are being built using timber frame construction. 

Created on 27. June 2021.

Redevelopment and new construction on barracks site

A new project brings us to Hanau. – Here, in an exclusive location in the Rhine-Main region, a new residential quarter is being built on the former site of the Pioneer Barracks. Ecologically perfectly aligned for the future, with 100% own electricity and heat generation, e-mobility and optimal local transport connections. Together with Art Bau Novus GmbH, we are developing over 400 residential units in existing and new buildings on the “5 Brüder Ost” site.

Created on 27. June 2021.

Approval now also in Austria!

It is done! After we opened our location in Aurach near Kitzbühel at the beginning of the year, I was sworn in as an architect for the province of Tyrol by the regional building director Dipl.-Ing. Robert Müller on 21 May in Innsbruck.

Created on 4. June 2021.

Holidays in Styria

The location could hardly be better. At 2100 metres above sea level, this property is situated in an idyllic location in Styria. We have expanded the property and created a dream location for your next holiday. Four flats, each with 150m2 of space, offer plenty of room for holidays in the mountains.

Created on 27. May 2021.

We are moving to the Tobacco Quarter!

We are moving. At the end of June we will be moving to Woltmershausen. 161 modern office and commercial lofts have been created in a former tobacco warehouse from the 1970s under the project development of Justus Grosse, two of which we have now leased. With its massive brick structure and original freight lifts, the Old Tobacco Warehouse retains the unmistakable charm of an old industrial building.

Created on 27. May 2021.

Concept for Cineplexx cinema

Cineplexx – Great Cinema – With our concept we create an interactive experience for cinema-goers. Cinema deserves more attention. With our concept, we will turn the Cineplexx into an experience that stands for itself and creates a lot of space for advertising measures. The numerous ideas in this concept will involve the cinema-goer more in his visit to the cinema.

Created on 24. March 2021.

New flats in Tyrol

Reutte, a small, tranquil village in Tyrol, located on the border to Bavaria, is getting two new apartment buildings with 5 units each. On top of an underground garage with 10 parking spaces, flats between 65 and 85m2 will be built in timber frame construction. Due to the appealing design of the facades made of wood and plaster in warm colours, the buildings blend into the landscape as a modern interpretation. 

Created on 17. March 2021.

Living at the Ebental Mill

Not far from Lake Worthersee, in the immediate vicinity of the castle in Ebental, a residential quarter is to be built directly on a small stream. Row houses and apartment buildings are planned that fit perfectly into the charming surroundings. Our draft brings a maximum of flexibility and enables versatile living in Klagenfurt’s suburbs.

Created on 18. February 2021.

Happy New Year!

We are back. We wish you a happy new year. Reutte in Austria, Hanau, Oyten and Bremen are the places where we will be constructing new buildings in 2022. We are building a total of 400 flats at these locations. The main focus is on a hybrid construction method. 

Created on 3. January 2022.

The Waldorf School is followed by a village in the forest.

In the immediate vicinity of the capital Vienna, a forest village is to be built on an incredible 210 hectares. Different types of housing are planned, from semi-detached houses to multi-generational houses and hybrid solutions that combine living and working. Everything is to be built using a modular timber construction method.

Created on 6. February 2021.

We start with a school.


Created on 27. January 2021.

Office today

In the future, the office will no longer be the place just to work, but much more the place to meet in person for exchanges with colleagues and will no longer have to be visited across the board. Workplaces will probably no longer be set up for just one employee, flexible working time models and locations will create space for less office space and more areas for meeting and communication. 

Created on 5. March 2021.

New housing for students

In a new project development, the focus is on creating a friendly, community-oriented place for students to live. The space program is organized in a very compact structure with the best possible orientation of the residential units. The floor plan design on the one hand implements economic-rational specifications, but on the other hand creates a pleasant, light atmosphere with quality of stay.

Created on 5. September 2022.
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