n the chosen location, a Waldorf school with a focus on “biodynamic agriculture” and an after-school care centre and a kindergarten are to be built in modular timber construction over the next 9 years.

The educational focus for all students should be “Biodynamic Agriculture. Inspired by this, we develop our design in the form of agricultural fields. The school is highlighted and translated into a simple cubature, offering many possibilities to be rearranged again and again by turning, mirroring or stacking. The modular construction gives us the possibility of a flexible design of the school. Depending on requirements, the arrangement and number of modules can be adjusted, giving the Waldorf School its uniqueness.


Neubau Waldorfschule


Waldorfschule Nord


ca. 4.310m² BGF


1-8 HOA

Planungsbüro Italiano Lageplan